A Bit of Silly

April 25, 2017

Seems like we’ve had days and days of gray skies and water.  Today was supposed to be sunny.  We woke to see the valley below our ridge top completely filled with clouds.  By the time morning chores were completed, the clouds had risen, enclosing us in wet, clingy fog.  We hiked with clouds touching us, or hovering just above us all day long.  Sometimes it sprinkled, mostly it didn’t.  I tried thinking positively – no bugs!  no need for sunscreen!  no sweat going uphill!  Jay was better at sounding truly happy when he told other hiker all those things.  But at 4:00, when the sun shone for exactly two minutes, I cheered!  There were still dark clouds hovering just off the edge of our ridge, but even fleeting sunshine brought hope of more!

We hiked along a ridge top much of the day, only dipping off it every few miles for a brief visit to a spring for water.  Nearby trees and gray clouds were the sum total of our view.  We did have a few miles where the trail dropped down to cross a few rolling fields and climb fence stiles.  One long swampy area boasted board walks through the watery plants.  Fun!
Today’s highlight was a conversation we had with Cashew, a hiker in his twenties.  We last saw him on Saturday, as we left the trail together, but went to different hostels.  Today we re-met as we stopped at a spring for water.
“Oh, how was your hostel?” I asked.
“It was very new.  The owners were still getting it set up.  Everyone was very nice.  They’re building a pavilion for people who want to sleep in hammocks but still be under a roof.”, Cashew told us.
“A pavilion just for hammockers!”  Jay exclaimed.  “That sounds like segregation to me!  If they’re going to make a special place just for hammocks, they should build something for tenters, also!  Equal rights and all that!”
Cashew was a bit startled by this viewpoint, but answered Jay gravely, “I guess hammocks take up less room, a pavilion for them might make sense.”
“Oh, well,” Jay’s imagination had only begun.  “If they’re worried about room, they could stack the hammocks one on top of another.  Perhaps bear cables could be used, to move the hammocks up and down.  Of course, one would want to be careful of who ended up on the bottom at bed time, otherwise everyone would be going up and down all night as people answered nature’s calls.”
Between Jay’s flights of fancy and Cashew’s expressions as he tried to decide whether Jay was serious or not, I was laughing hysterically!  Nothing like a bit of silly added to a day of hiking!

Author: Sarah and Jay Bigelow

Hi! We live in the Carson Valley in Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Sarah is a retired elementary school teacher, and Jay is a retired fish biologist. We are in our 50's, and have been married for 30 years.

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