Fond Farewell – from Helen


The day had arrived. Jay and Sarah were ready to embark on their AT journey. We stopped at the Amicalola State Park Visitor Center, and they signed in as numbers 107 and 108.

The drive from Tennessee had been solid rain, but as we walked out to the arch for pictures, a quiet mist descended. Our climb began.

At the stairs, I noticed the braille-like texture on the edge of each metal grid step. As steps and breathing found their rhythm, I looked upward at the mist-shrouded falls. We continued climbing and saw that the wet stairs had bits of water dripping through the grids and looked like they were hung with wavering lights.

Mist, lights, rhythm and the roar of the waterfall gave a dramatic beginning for this new adventure!at-falls

Author: Sarah and Jay Bigelow

Hi! We live in the Carson Valley in Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Sarah is a retired elementary school teacher, and Jay is a retired fish biologist. We are in our 50's, and have been married for 30 years.

3 thoughts on “Fond Farewell – from Helen”

  1. Sarah & Jay…Tucker and I enjoyed meeting you today at Unicoi Gap. I signed to get email updates. Looking forward to following your journey. Hope you are able to get a foot soaking at Top of GA. Happy trails…
    Virginia (Winkle)


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