Prelude – by Sarah

The Plan:  Thru-hike the Appalachian Trail as a couple, beginning mid-February at Springer Mtn in Georgia, finishing in September at Katahdin.

Prelude – Physical, Mental, Kit and Kaboodle


Surrounded by boxes, I looked with affection at my parents.  “We’ve unpacked a lot today.  But now I’ve got to get some exercise,”  I told them.  Though I had come 3000 miles across the continent to help my parents finish moving from their house to an apartment in a senior living complex, I was determined to stay true to my own goal of a daily workout.

“Exercise!” my mother exclaimed.  “Isn’t hauling boxes back and forth enough?   I suppose you feel that you need to hike, to stay in shape for the AT.  Well, how long will you be gone?  Where are you planning to walk?”

img_20170126_121437“Oh, I thought I’d head down to the park and hit the greenway for a few miles.  I’ll be back in three hours,”  I told her casually.

“You’re not walking down that busy road to the park wearing those dark colors,” Mom declared.  She reached into an open box and tossed me a reflective vest.  “Wear this!”

Whether the age of three or fifty-three, it is a wise child who knows not to argue when a parental edict is given.  “Yes, Mom,” I said meekly.



So, why am I attempting a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail?

Maybe it’s just for the fun of listening to people’s reactions.  “What, are you crazy, or just stupid?”

Maybe it’s because I feel stifled in town, and the woods provide a welcome release.

Maybe I just can’t think of anything else I’d rather do at this point in my life!


One thing is sure – the forest brings out the light-hearted side of my character!

Kit and Kaboodle

20170128_152827Of course it is important to plan ones gear when preparing for a thru-hike.  (See our Equipment page!)  But it’s even more important to practice with that equipment.  Here, our Ursack seems to be holding its own against a visiting bear.  (An Ursack is a bear-proof food bag.)


Author: Sarah and Jay Bigelow

Hi! We live in the Carson Valley in Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Sarah is a retired elementary school teacher, and Jay is a retired fish biologist. We are in our 50's, and have been married for 30 years.

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